Meet Dulcet Games

How we’re on a mission to spread joy in the world using the power of storytelling.

Our Story

Dulcet was founded in 2016 by a small team of creators who were hungry to share their passion for storytelling and innovation to the world. We developed our own visual novel game engine, made completely from scratch.

In 2018, our first writer on the platform released her first game: Sweet Elite. Since then, we have evolved into a diverse network of developers, writers, artists, beta players and more!

Today, we are helping independent creators tell their story by sharing our homemade game engine with the world.

Dulcet Games is based in Montreal, Canada. However, our audience and network are global.

Our Beliefs

We want to spread joy, to bring a smile to people’s faces, no matter their background. Our creators are all passionate about bringing value to their players and want nothing more than to make you happy.

We believe in a strong community. Our players are part of the Dulcet family, forever and always.

At our core, we are entrepreneurs: we care about growth. We want to make the world a better place, using our creativity, optimism and perseverance. Dulcet has and always will look for ways to keep improving.

Our Products

For Players

We are home to dozens of creators from around the world, with their own visual novels in production. Experience the romance, fantasy, comedy, drama… and many more! All you need is one single account.

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For Creators

Our unique visual novel engine is simple, efficient and accessible to anyone who wants to tell their story. The best part? No coding involved! No, really. It’s time for you to ditch the Python and focus on what you care about: your game. Just bring your storytelling skills to us, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Interested in becoming a Dulcet Creator? Contact us here.

Our Team

Olivier – CEO & Co-Founder, Programmer

June – Co-Founder, Game Management and Recruitment

Rafael – Chief Technical Officer & Senior Developer

Mazhy (MJ) – Chief Marketing Officer & Community Management

Karen Santiago (Raii) – Lead UI/UX Designer

Contact Us

support@dulcetgames.com – Player Support & Questions

contact@dulcetgames.com – Business Inquiries & Partnership Opportunities